Welcome to the Shared Hosting Club

A new kind of hosting service

The site pages cover how the Shared Hosting Club works, so I won’t say it all again here. But you can’t comment on the pages, so this post allows you to do that.

Basically, the objective is to offer cheap shared hosting to club members and a much deeper level of support than a hosting company provides.

Whether you’re new to hosting and website building or a seasoned webmaster, the club offers something for everyone. We are not related to any reseller club or an affiliate program, and our hosting is sourced directly from three wholesalers in France, Singapore and Canada. This means you can choose the data centre closest to you, to get the fastest speeds.

We only offer the one plan, with 10 GB of disk space and 40 GB of monthly bandwidth. That is more than ample for anything from a blog to a small e-commerce site. If you need more than that, you should probably be using VPS or Dedicated hosting anyway.

Members get one site included in their membership fee of US$18.00 per year. Subsequent sites are then charged at US$12.00 per year, which is peanuts in the hosting world. When you add in the extra support, especially through the forum, you are really getting value for money.

How do we offer such low rates? We buy our resources in bulk and in advance. We then divide them into retail packages. Because we don’t have to worry about maintaining the servers, we have very low overheads. We also process hosting requests manually, saving us hundreds of dollars in software licensing fees.

Please take a tour of our site and if you have any questions, then contact us or leave a comment. Let us know what you think.

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